Bear Hot Challenge

Calling all Hot Sauce and Competitive Eating Enthusiasts

Think you’re tough? Consider yourself a hot sauce connoisseur? Do you live for spicy food? No gag reflex? Then step right up and give the Bear Hot Challenge a try! Our Bear Hot sauce is a combination of four face-melting peppers that can scorch even the toughest taste buds. Don’t say we didn’t warn you! And remember, the Wing Shack is not responsible for pain, humiliation, or any other physical, mental, or spiritual damage that may occur during the challenge! Good luck!

Official Rules

  • Consume 10 Bear Hot Wing Shack Wings in under 5 minutes.
  • All participants must sign the disclaimer
  • 90% of the meat must be eaten off the bone (based on the judge’s final discretion)
  • No help allowed from anyone.
  • No napkins.
  • No dressing.
  • No excuses.

Winners will take home a custom Wing Shack Hat, a saucy-face photograph on the Wall of Flame, and their name will be forever immortalized in the annals of Wing Shack History! There is truly no higher honor we can bestow than to call someone a Bear Hot Champ.

This year’s Annual Wing Eating Contest, the Wing Shack Wing Bowl, is on a temporary hiatus. Due to a national chicken wing shortage, we are not going to be hosting our annual wing eating contest at the Stampede this year. We are hoping to reschedule it for this fall but will need to wait until some supply chain stability before we can make any decision. Make sure to follow us on Facebook for any news about the 2021 Wing Bowl.


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