Electronic Gift Cards

The brand new Wing Shack eGift Card


Now it’s even easier to spread the joy of the WING with our eGift Cards. Just select your local Wing Shack below to score one now. And don’t worry, your gift card can be used at any of our six regional locations no matter what location you purchased it from!

eGift cards work in the same way as a traditional card but in a digital format. The gift card will be sent via email or text message with a bar code that we can scan at any location. Check out an example:


All you have to do is display it on your mobile device and BOOM! HOT WING HIGHWAY HERE WE COME! And if you are the old fashioned type, the eGift Card can also be printed out and brought in. Don’t hesitate to hit us up with any questions about our eGift Cards. Now go forth and spread the #WingLove!

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