Betting our Taste Buds on Super Bowl 50!

How much confidence do we have in our Denver Broncos? Enough to risk utter embarrassment (and perhaps use of our taste buds) if the Broncos don’t bring home a trophy.

We have recently entered into a wager with D.D. Pecker’s Wing Shack of Charlotte, North Carolina on the outcome of Sunday’s game. The terms of the bet are simple: if the Panthers win, Northern Colorado’s Wing Shack owner Brian Seifried will be forced to eat a dozen wings tossed in D.D. Pecker’s hottest wing sauce. If Denver prevails, Charlotte’s D.D. Peckers owner Justin Holland will have to eat a dozen wings tossed in the Wing Shack’s hottest sauce. The loser of this bet will have to wear a jersey from the opposing team AND will be recorded eating these fiery wings, with the video being uploaded on the Internet for the whole world to see.

The hot sauce is already in the mail along with a Bronco’s jersey and a big ‘NEVER BET AGAINST THE BRONCOS’ sign.

The Panther’s have had an incredible season, we will grant them that. And Cam Newton is a wonder out there (when he’s not flopping) – but literally all season long the Broncos have been doubted. We are starting to think this doubt has given them the power of a million Vince Lombardi’s (okay… that might be a stretch.) But we would be lying if we said that even we, the Denver Bronco’s homers that we are, haven’t doubted them this season. And oh boy, have they proved us wrong.

So we figured as our local home team takes the field, ready to sacrifice their bodies in the Holy name of victory, that we would sacrifice our taste buds (well, at least the bosses) if they don’t come out victorious. This is our way of saying sorry for doubting you and that we BELIEVE this team is bringing home a trophy!

Go Broncos! Go Wing Shack!


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