Our sauces are homemade, crafted with the finest ingredients and made daily with care. Ask us about mixing your favorite sauces together to create a custom sauce just for you. Sauces are available to purchase by the jar.


Mild: A flavorful blend of mild seasonings create this perfect, kid-friendly sauce.

Barely Hot: Tangy and flavorful, this sauce has just a hint of spice.

Hot: Traditional buffalo wing sauce. It’s medium spice creates the perfect layering of flavor and heat.

Garlic Hot: The traditional buffalo flavor, with fresh minced garlic and special fiery seasonings. Our most popular sauce.

Golden Hot: Lighter on the buffalo flavor but with an intense kick of habanero spice. Watch out – this one is sneaky hot.

Hotter: A traditional buffalo sauce kicked up with fresh chopped jalapenos and an ample amount of crushed red pepper.

Bear Hot: Named after the Black Bears that roam the beautiful Colorado mountains with a quiet ferocity, this is the hottest hot sauce we offer. One might even say it’s unBEARable… Order with extreme caution.

Sweet and Tangy

BBQ: Sweet and smokey, this is a traditional BBQ sauce. Ask us to add honey for a sweet twist.

Teriyaki: A sweet and savory glaze, a nice alternative for those needing a break from heat.

Buffalo BBQ: Best of both worlds, our sweet BBQ sauce with a spicy buffalo twist.

Hot Teriyaki: Traditional teriyaki with a tangy buffalo kick. Sweet, savory, and spicy.

Thai: An Asian-inspired sauce, sweet and spicy, with just a hint of tangy flavor.

Dry Rubs

Jalapeno Ranch: A kick of Jalapeno combined with the classic flavor of Ranch.

Cajun: A blend of over 10 different spices that creates the perfect Creole flavor.

Jamaican Jerk: A blend of sweet spices and savory herbs coupled with a subtle, peppery heat.

Lemon Pepper: A marriage of citrus and pepper that combine for a zesty flavor.

Sauce of the Month: Each month we offer an exclusive Wing Shack sauce. Ask about this month’s creative creation!

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