Border War: Wing Shack vs Double Dubs

The famed Border War. One of the most historic games in all of college football. Colorado State University vs. Wyoming. Two great programs going head to head on the gridiron for school pride, state pride, and the chance to hold a big bronze boot over your head in celebration.


We have always had a passing interest in the game as Colorado natives – but now that we are finally in Fort Collins we knew we had to spice things up a bit. After all, these student athletes are going out there and putting it all on the line. The least we could do is show our support by throwing down in a competition of our sport of choice: fry cooking. We have quite a bit of respect for a wing joint out of Laramie called Double Dubs (formally Weitzel’s Wings) and, after quite a bit of trash talking, we both agreed to meet in open competition at the stadium of food trucks: a brewery. Our friends at Pateros Creek Brewing (owned by CSU grad Steve Jones) were happy to oblige, and thus the Food Truck Border War is here. Our two trucks will face off in a blind hot sauce competition, with the Wing Shack repping for Colorado State and Double Dubs repping for Wyoming. We are also encouraging fans of both teams to participate in the ultimate test of school and state spirit: a Wing Eating contest. 5 CSU fans vs 5 Wyoming fans in the ultimate test of endurance, vitality, and athleticism: eating as many chicken wings as you can, as fast as you can.


So we are calling on all college football fans from all over Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming to come down and get AMPED for the game at the best tailgating party in Fort Collins. Don’t just do it for the delicious craft beer and the amazing food – do it for love of your school, the love of your state, and the love of VICTORY!

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