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Quick note: This post contains info about delivery for our Fort Collins, Greeley and Loveland stores only. Delivery at our Windsor, Longmont, and Cheyenne locations will remain the same. Hungry? You can order Wing Shack delivery here.

We are excited to announce that we have moved off of Door Dash and Grub Hub and are offering delivery exclusively through NoCO Nosh! We wanted to give everyone a little information on why we made the switch and pulled our menu off of all other 3rd party delivery services.

The big guys (DoorDash, Grubhub, Uber Eats, Postmates, etc.) have all spread through the country like wildfire. While these services are great for our busy guests, they have some serious implications for small independent, restaurants across the country:

  • Commissions are too high to maintain a profit, as they charge restaurants between 20-30% of each order. A restaurant is forced to either raise prices to maintain a profit or lose money on delivery orders.
  • Large restaurant chains pay considerably less commission than independent restaurants, creating an unfair advantage to huge corporations.
  • Based on feedback from our guests, these large delivery services provide poor service should an issue ever come up.
  • Poor service for restaurants – they just don’t seem to care about issues like bad drivers, not enough drivers, etc.
  • They are known for shady and manipulative sales practices that take advantage of ESL and elderly restaurateurs and small business owners.

Ultimately, we are worried that these giant, publicly traded corporations are sucking the life out of independent local restaurants across the country. We have never been one’s to sit on our hands when we see a problem, and when we heard about a group of restaurants working together to create their own delivery service, we jumped at the opportunity! The benefits of being a member of a co-operative, local restaurant owned delivery service are endless. Here’s just a few.

  • NoCO Nosh will offer service for independently owned restaurants only – this allows us to help strengthen the local food scene and foster an environment of local restaurateurs
  • Nosh is run by a board of directors (comprised of local restaurateurs) that makes all decisions for the company. This ensures decisions are made with our customers and businesses in mind and gives the control back to us, the business owners.
  • Commission rates are much more reasonable which allows us to keep prices down, invest in a better experience for our guests, and pay our team better.
  • There will be real live humans dispatching orders and dealing with delivery issues, as well as live and local support should any issues arise. This local support will be available for both our restaurant and our guests.
  • There will be boots on the ground to monitor the quality of drivers.
  • We will have a way to order from some of our favorite local independent restaurants and know we are supporting the restaurants that make Northern Colorado so unique

NoCO Nosh is up and running and we ask you to consider switching over to Nosh – we know how convenient delivery service is and we want to make sure we have a sustainable solution for our Northern Colorado community. Trust us – you will be happy you made the switch. Download the app for iOS or android or visit noconosh.com. And if you are already using NoCO Nosh, help us spread the word and #KeepNorthernColoradoDelicious

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