The Great American Chicken Sandwich!

Today, more than ever, our country is in need of a renewed sense of American glory. At Wing Shack, we are doing our part, by taking the original American icon, the classic chicken sandwich, to even more patriotic heights! How will we make America even more American? By adding a food so American it was named after America, by America, and for America… American Cheese!

With the expertise of our highly trained team of deliciousness R&D specialists, we have instilled a profound sense of freedom into the most classic of comfort foods. Through committed investment, passion, and dedication we have consecrated the chicken sandwich with a wonderfully square slice of the silky, yellow, melty, stick to the roof of your mouth glory of the most patriotic of cheeses.

Not only have we instituted this national treasure into our menu, but we have done it FOR FREE! And although you may think this is just another chicken sandwich, it is so much more! May we present to you… unblemished, unadulterated, and unafraid… the chicken sandwich. Now with 100% more freedom!

*Limited time only! Just say cheese me and get a slice of silky American cheese on your sandwich for free… TASTE THE AMERICAN DREAM! *




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