Food Truck Border War Details

We’ve received quite a few questions about our upcoming showdown with Double Dub’s for the FIRST ANNUAL FOOD TRUCK Border War so we decided to make this handy little FAQ. Find all the details about Colorado State’s tastiest tailgating party below:

Q: Your earlier post seemed long and boring.

Is that a question?

Q: No, just letting you know. Can you just give me the details?

Sure! Here is the need to know stuff: Two Wing Trucks, Wing Shack and Double Dubs will be vending at local Fort Collins brewery Pateros Creek Brewing starting at 1:00 pm on Saturday, October 1st. Ultimately, we just want to throw a great tailgating party and get you hyped for the game!

Q: I love getting hyped for stuff! Where is Pateros Creek Brewing Company located?

You can find Pateros Creek Brewing Company at 242 N. College Ave in Old Town Fort Collins.

Q: Sounds like a great place to hold a tailgating party!

Once again, not a question, but thanks – we have been big fans of their beers for quite some time and considering the owner is a proud CSU grad, we figured it was the perfect venue.

Q: Okay, cool. So why are you guys billing this as a Food Truck Border War?

Great question! It just so happens that the Wing Shack operates out of Fort Collins and are big supporters of Colorado State. Double Dub’s operates out of Laramie Wyoming and are big supporters of the University of Wyoming. Since we are united by our mutual geographically inspired dislike for the opposing school and love for the chicken wing, we are are wagering our most valuable commodity: pride. And how are we wagering it? The only way two wing trucks should: a hot-sauce competition, with the winner getting to take home ‘the Sauce Boot.’ We also want to get fans of each respective University involved, so we are doing a small wing eating contest – representatives from each school attempting to eat as many wings as possible in 5 minutes. The team that consumes the most will bring ‘the Wing Boot’ trophy home to their respective school.

Q: I get it. Can I gamble on the outcome of the wing eating contest?

Uh… we don’t know. Maybe ask a lawyer?

Q: I’ll call my lawyer – he happens to be a graduate of the University of Wyoming. Can I invite him?

Hell yeah! Spread the word to as many people as you can! We have an event started on Facebook where we are posting more details and general smack talk so make sure to share that with all your friends as well. The more the merrier.

Q: Okay cool – but my lawyer is kind of cheap (lawyers, amiright) You got any deals?

Funny you should ask – Pateros Creek, Wing Shack, and Double Dub’s will all be offering $1.00 off for anyone wearing University of Wyoming or Colorado State University gear. So make sure to tell your friends to flaunt their school pride!

Q: Can we go back to something you said earlier – what’s with the Boots?

Each year, the winner of the CSU-WYO Border War is presented with the Bronze Boot Trophy. We thought it only appropriate to have our own Boots to award to the winners of our competitions.

Q: Oh so you just ripped off their idea.


Q: How do I get in on the Wing Eating contest?

Just make sure you are at Pateros Creek Brewing Company no later than 5:30 pm. Also, make sure you are wearing either CSU or WYO gear – this wing eating contest is repping two historic institutions. Only true fans will be allowed to participate.

Q: Sweet – anything else I should know about?

Not that we can think of! Remember to let us know if you plan on attending here and to spread the word to all your friends. Double Dub’s is coming all the way down from Laramie for this tailgating party so lets show them how CSU fans really get down. And if we forgot something, email us at

Q: You might want to remind anyone who has bothered to read this far the time and place once again:

Oh right. Good call. So the party kicks off at 1:00 pm THIS SATURDAY at Pateros Creek Brewing Company (242 N. College Ave, Fort Collins) The hot sauce taste testing contest will be open from 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm and the Wing Eating Contest will be kicking off at around 6:00 pm. We plan on keeping the festivities going right up until kickoff at 8:15 pm.

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